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Our general contracting services are above and beyond the normal GC services. We apply the same principles that we use in Construction Management. We create a fiduciary to clients on their behalf and guide them through the design and construction phase. We strongly believe in building a personal rapport with our customers to develop a better understanding on their requirements, expectations and financial constraints. Tekcon Construction provides professional service, quality workmanship and value that meets our client's demands. Our large and diverse workforce has the flexibility and experience to undertake projects ranging from minor repairs and maintenance to major refurbishment, specialist projects and construction work.


Tekcon's subdivision specializes in professional demolition & excavation with knowledgeable, certified professionals that are trained to perform safe and state of the art demolition.

Building Plans

Successful management requires leadership capable of bringing diverse people together to coordinate resources and complete a project. These characteristics are particularly important because construction management's leadership characteristics telegraph down and are often imitated by others in a team organization.

Tekcon Construction offers a wide range of Management Services to our clients that include:

  • Establish a schedule of value for a cost estimate.

  • Prepare a construction schedule to indicate proposed activities.

  • Prepare a scope of work for each trade or phase.

  • Coordinate with engineer, subcontractors and utility companies.

  • Prepare bid packages for all trades including copies of all bid documents.

  • Obtain 3 competitive bids for each phase of work.

  • Qualify contractors and vendors bids.

  • Prepare all contractor and subcontractor contracts.

  • Make recommendations of subcontractor contracts.

  • Review all payment requisitions and additional work requests.

  • Provide bi-weekly progress report.

  • Schedule and conduct required meetings with owner, architect, engineer and contractors as needed to discuss work in progress.

  • Assemble all applicable information and provide a closeout manual for owner consisting  of mandatory requirements.


Tekcon Construction emphasizes "Straight Answers, Solid Thinking and Strong Commitments" in each and every business relationship. In fact, 86% of our projects are for existing clients. This statistic is directly attributed to the strength of our relationship with the many professional design/planning counterparts actively involved in the construction industry. 

Building on "quality" as the top priority, Tekcon Construction Design/ Build Servicess provides clients with a single source of responsibility as well as an efficient plan for the use of project finances. As part of the Desgn/ Build process, Tekcon Construction provides all pre-construction and construction services (i.e. estimates, scheduling permitting, safety, submittal processing, etc.)

Our Design/ Build services provide several advantages to our clients:

  • Single Source Responsibility instilling cohesive project management techniques.

  • Efficient analysis to reduce overlapping responsibilities and rework.

  • Seamless execution to reduce potential schedule issues.

  • Pre-purchase of long-lead time materials and equipment.

  • Site evaluations.

  • Feasibility studies with detailed estimates.

  • Cost analysis and an ongoing commitment to client needs.